Sarbjit Movie Review

Sarbjit is one of the most inconsistent cinematic experiences I’ve had in recent time.

Azhar Movie Review

Azhar is a film that finds itself stuck between the realms of being a serious biopic and a commercial blockbuster.

Baaghi Movie Review

Again the same old ‘dishoom dishoom’, hero-villain conflict, with a female lead who is little more than the damsel in distress and minimal thought put into the script or story.

Fan Movie Review

Fan is an interesting concept, and an ambitious movie to make and indeed, not an easy one to pull off.

Rocky Handsome Movie Review

Where does one begin with a film like Rocky Handsome? There are so many issues with this action flick that it’s hard to pick and choose which disastrous aspects to discuss.

Kapoor and Sons Movie Review

Where do I start with a movie like Kapoor And Sons, (Since 1921)? I guess by saying that I wholeheartedly loved it for all that it is.