Review Roundup- Firangi

Tired of searching for worthwhile reviews of the latest Bollywood releases? Put off by the poor excuse for reviews many publications offer? Tired of hearing all Indian critics are useless and/or paid? Well for those seeking meaningful discussions about the movies from serious critics, look no further. Magic of Bollywood brings you our Review Roundup, a weekly feature where we bring you a whistle stop tour of what the top critics are saying about the latest releases. The most insightful write-ups from the leading critical minds which are well worth a read to simulate the cinephile in you. Our movie for the week is the Kapil Sharma starrer Firangi.

Rajeev Masand (CNN IBN) – “To survive this film you need to be chained to your seats with toothpicks holding up your eyelids. This one is a cure for insomnia.”  Full Review

Anna M.M Vetticad (Firstpost) – “A cliched piece that has its heart in the right place. Kapil Sharma is fair enough in this paper thin film.”  Full Review

Kunal Guha (Mumbai Mirror) – “Kapil Sharma’s Firangi is neither meticulously assembled nor a visual spectacle to be watchable”  Full Review

Shubhra Gupta (Indian Express) – “The trouble with this mildly engaging film, with a solid supporting cast, is that it is far too long.” Full Review

Saibal Chatarjee (NDTV) – “Neither the comic potential at the core of the film nor the energy of Kapil Sharma’s antics is enough to pull it out of the irremediable mess it degenerates into” Full Review

Sukanya Verma (Rediff) – “At best, a serviceable buffoon with a flair for repartee, Kapil Sharma is awfully limited in his humour and screen presence to perk up this half-decent premise.” Full Review

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