Our top films of 2015

What a year its been. Some people are calling it the year of content, others the year of women in cinema.

Jazbaa Movie Review

The film industry is used to the genre of a typical ‘launch film’ designed to showcase the skills of a new set of actors on the scene, and largely fits the standard commercial form

Singh is Bliing Movie Review

One of the few things commercial pot boiler movies have going for them is consistency, they tend to have same set of criteria, and Singh is Bliing meets all of them.

Katti Batti Movie Review

Katti Batti is director Nikhil Advani’s second outing this year, after the disastrous Hero.

Do we need an interval from the break?

What makes a movie, a quintessentially Bollywood movie? What are the unique qualities that differentiate our films from those of other global film industries? Apart from the aspect