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Pink Review

What is consent? Is it a black-and-white, specific and clear-cut notion or something far more vague and grey as many regressive pockets of our society would have us believe? Do som

Baar Baar Dekho Review

Baar Baar Dekho lacks heart. What you hope for, from this kind of film such is to be moved, truly moved, in which case even the most glaring problems can be forgiven.

Will The Real John Abraham Please Stand Up

  Fresh of the box office success of buddy-cop comedy Dishoom, which just about managed to hold together, I’m assuming John Abraham must be feeling pretty good about himself r

Akira Review

Mainstream Bollywood really needs a more dedicated term for the ‘curse of the second half’, maybe Akira-ism will suffice given this one is oh so inflicted.

Mohenjo Daro Review

The key lesson to be learnt from Mohanjo Daro is that regardless of how strong your cast may be, how high your budgets, how showboat-y the action or how large the scale of the sets



Interview with Neerja producer, Atul Kasbekar

The witty and charismatic Atul Kasbeskar talks to us about spirituality, what it means to be a platform, the changing face of mainstream cinema, and his journey from fashion photography to film production.